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Gemini's Bio Empty Gemini's Bio

Post by Guest on Sat Feb 08, 2014 4:31 pm

⭐ Name: ⭐ Gemini
⭐ Nickname: ⭐ Gem
⭐ Age: ⭐ 2 years
⭐ Gender: ⭐ female

⭐ Ref:
 ⭐ https://i.servimg.com/u/f55/18/72/28/88/gemini10.png

⭐ History:
⭐ Gem was born into a small pack that consisted of only her parents and siblings, living life as a group of loners. Gemini grew up along with her two sisters pretty normal for the most part. They romped around and grew curious of the land outside their den home. One day while exploring, one of Gem's sister sliced her ankle on a jagged rock while they were playing outside the den area. Gem tried to comfort her hurting sister by putting her paw above the wound and saying soothing words. By the time their parents had come home from their hunt, their supposedly-injured daughter showed no signs of injury on her leg. They scorned Gem's sister for making a big fuss, and that was all considered of the situation.

When Gem and her sister's became yearlings, getting close to two years, their mother gave birth to a second litter, but only two pups survived the birth. One of the pups was brown and flecked with the creamy beige of his parents, while the other, a girl was a tiny little white wolf with brown eyes. The girl grew weak over the first few days of birth hood and died. Gemini, known for her sweet and patient nature, became the main pup-watcher for her little brother while her siblings were taken out to practice hunting and other sports that did not interest her.

Her brother, known as Skout, was very similar to his sister in the way that he was very kind and gentle-hearted. He and Gemini were very close to each other as they spent more and more time together. It was with her little brother that Gem discovered her powers. Skout's health began to plummet one week, as fast as the other newborn who had died just days after birth. Gemini became frantic over Skout and was glued to his side, always soothing him in his limited days of agony and weakness. She held him close to her, laying in her forelegs as he took his labored breaths that one night he should have died. She held her head up with hard-shut eyes and willed with all her might for the little child to be healed and to live. It was then that she noticed the burn on her shoulder and she frantically licked the spot to soothe the irritation. What she witnessed made her gasp as she noticed the symbol of her power form before her eyes. Upon her pelt lay the mark of longing, and upon her lap lay the innocent brother who was now breathing deeply in his sleep.

She looked down at Skout and gasped, as it was not normal for a pup to be glowing, right? Before her eyes and under her touch, her baby brother's pelt began to glisten and fill out, his breaths went from being labored to drawn out snores, his beautiful green eyes fluttering as he gasped in his slumber. The cream female looked at her shoulder again, as it burned with indignation, making her succumb to some sort of realization. Gemini felt very weak then, and in her sauntering form she slept, Skout clutched closely to her chest. The following days and weeks showed substantial improvement in the boys health. Gemini caught a cold and was confined to the den for a while until she recovered. During this time she began to put two and two together... It was something she refused to be possible, but the proof was right there on her shoulder where the marking lay, and it was something she could not ignore. Her family had seen the mark and were cautious of Gemini, unsure what to make of the symbol.

There came a point in her young life that Gemini and her family began to grow apart and go their separate ways. One of Gem's sisters had followed a male into the depths of the forest where they would probably lead lives together; whereas her other sister left to explore the world, unsure where her heart lay - a pack or the loner life? Gemini was the last to stay with her parents, and as expected, it was for Skout and the fact that she loved the company of her wise parents. In urge for their daughter to lead her own life and gain responsibilities, they sent she and Skout out into the world with good wishes and enough love to make their hearts burst from their chest. It was a bit difficult for Gem to accept, knowing that Skout was but a few months from a year, his pelt looking silly with bits of pup fluff around his face and chest. Nonetheless, with her newfound ability to heal, Gemini was confident that she could protect her brother from whatever dangers that lay in wait.

This, however, came to be Gemini's downfall.

Going on two years, the young wolf had begun to grow accustomed to life without the company of her birth pack, but with faithful Skout loyally glued to her side, she was not alone. In a forest farther than they'd ever been from home, Gemini and her ever-growing brother sought refuge for a long-term home. They came upon a den smelling of long-ago fox pups and stinky bears. They lived here for quite some time, and became quite familiar with the territory surrounding them. Eventually, Skout began to learn how to hunt and the absolute basics of fighting. (Gemini was not particularly pleased by his eagerness to learn fighting in her peaceful nature.) She was very proud of him, and loved him so dearly she would have given her life for him. This would never have become a problem if it weren't for her brother's naivety. He had fallen into the clutches of a threatened mother bobcat when he ventured too near her den -led by a curious pink nose. The bobcat slashed his back and face, and Gemini found him crumpled a ways off from their make-shift den, suggesting he had tried to make his way back but could not.

His blood was everywhere, and no matter the fact that she could close his wounds, enough blood had been lost for his soul to be stolen from her. Gemini cried and cried, horrifically scarred at the sight of her little brother's mauled body. She was so furious with herself, and frustrated that her powers had not worked to save his life. She now is roaming the forest of the river side aimlessly, searching for nothing but to escape her own self-hatred and drowning grief.

⭐Personality: ⭐ Gemini is absolutely angelic in her ways of loving every creature and having a deep respect for life. She is too kind as her sisters would put it, and too forgiving. She can be a bit of a pushover and struggles denying things to people she loves. She will do anything for her loved ones and would not hesitate to sacrifice her life for them. On the down side to this, Gem tends to be hard on herself at times, sometimes too hard. She can always be quick to jump herself if she believes she did not live up to her full potential or capabilities. She, knowing the life of a loner and just her family in her memories, is very shy and avoids those she does not know. There is a new edge to her personality from the loss of her brother, as she finds herself with a burning determination to save every life she comes across. It should also be taken into note that Gemini speaks almost poetically, and is very intelligent with how she speaks. This being said, she often talks to herself because her thoughts seem too enclosed to her.

⭐ Likes: ⭐ Company, kindness, hope,  love, healing and mending.
⭐ Dislikes: ⭐ Being alone, those who are untrustworthy, failing/messing up.

⭐ Extra:  ⭐ Gemini and her siblings were all very light colored like their mother and father. She gets her pink nose from her mother, and blue eyes from her dad. Her marking did not show up until the moment she recognized her power.

Whenever Gemini uses her powers, she actually seeps the entire essence of the injury into her own body, where it is attacked by the enhanced white blood cells and destroyed. This often kills off a lot of her white blood cells, so she has to stay and rest for a while so they can build up -or she will catch diseases that her body cannot fight off.

⭐ Family Ref: ⭐ https://i.servimg.com/u/f55/18/72/28/88/gemini11.png


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