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Tallpines of Shrurry(WIP)

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Tallpines of Shrurry(WIP)

Post by Sanoo on Sun Sep 04, 2016 12:52 pm

Tall white pines go on for miles, many tower 100 ft up into the air. Up in the canopy the leafs are filled with song of birds and wind. Wolves use the songbirds to tell when a black bear is in the area. With an abundance of shrubs and herbs many are warned to remain wary when traveling through. There are patches of wetlands that trap unsuspecting wolves. Streams and ponds are scattered throughout the pine lands. Avoid rocky cliffs unless your intentionally wanting to mess with bobcats.
Small trees provide shade and drops ripe blackberry's during summer, the perfect lounge for tired and overheated wolves.

Predators: Black Bear, Bobcat, Northern goshawk, Timber Rattlesnake

Prey: Barred Owl, Black-throated green warbler, Toad, Turtle, Broad winged hawk, Cerulean warbler,Eastern towhee, Flying Squirrel, Moose, Porcupine, Purple Finch, Red Squirrel, Ruffed grouse(Feisty/Dont migrate), Veery, Whip-poor-will(Too hard to find, don't try it), White tailed deer, Wild Turkey, Wood Thrush

Herbs:witch hazel,Starflower(found near swamps),
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